Frequently Asked Questions

About the Cultiplan Website

This website is the only official website of Cultiplan. SNS such as Telegram, Facebook, and blogs are managed and operated separately.

Currently, information is provided in English, Korean, Thai and Esperanto. As it is a global business, English is aligned with the standards.

Yes, it is made of a responsive web, so PC and mobile information is 100% identical. However, the screen size is different and the interface changes depending on the screen.

It cannot be downloaded from the App Store. The homepage is not an application, so it opens in a browser with an internet address. We are preparing to develop applications for future services so that they can be downloaded from the App Store.

About the Cultiplan White Paper

The White Paper is an official report on what kind of business will be carried out, and the details are disclosed to investors and users by analyzing the current situation and forecasting the future.

It is currently written in English, Korean, Thai and Esperanto and will be written in other languages as the business continues to expand.

The White Paper reflected on the homepage is the final content to date. However, it can be further improved as the business progresses. The improved White Paper will allow you to compare the previous White Paper with the latest White Paper through version control.

Based on white paper in English. This is because slight nuances in different languages can lead to differences in interpretation.

About the Cultiplan Ecosystem

Since various business fields are organically connected, the word ecosystem is used by integrating a complex system. In order to understand the Cultiplan Ecosystem, it is desirable to read the white paper thoroughly and understand it as a whole.

It is divided into 5 large areas and is organically connected to each other. It consists of "Mainnet Foundation", "Fund Management", "Application System", "Cultiplan (General Support)", and "Alliance" in order of weight. This is explained in detail by referring to the white paper.

Each area must be organically connected to each other to play the role of Cultiplan within the ecosystem. Cultiplan serves as a link. In terms of the body, it can be said to be the role of the heart and blood vessels.

"Culture and travel". Business items were designed through ideas created by experts in the field of culture and travel for decades.


CTPL Coin is a volatility coin created based on ERC-20 with proven stability. It will be used primarily as a means of digital point exchange within the platform in the future, and will be able to be purchased and sold on the coin exchange.

It aims to be listed on at least 3 domestic and foreign coin exchanges this year. CTPL Coin does not conduct any pre-sale or over-the-counter transactions other than partial distribution of employees before listing on the Coin Exchange. In other words, I am confident that it is a coin that can only be traded on the coin exchange.

Please understand that it cannot be disclosed until immediately before listing. This is for CTPL Coin to create a highly reliable coin economic environment from the beginning.

The CTPL coin is described in detail in the Cultiplan White Paper.
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