Enterprises, groups, and individuals who join Cultiplan “Culture & Travel” Dapp Ecosystem

“Alliances” in Cultiplan’s support program are different from those in the existed start-up support programs of national and large corporations. The biggest difference is that beyond the concept of simple support, Alliance and Cultiplan will strive to coexist as an independent organization. In order to increase sales, both must work together like a single company. Another characteristic is that a blockchain-based “cryptocurrency payment and blockchain point system” is applied as a medium for mutual cooperation, thereby securing the reliability and transparency of transaction details through smart contracts (When paying with cryptocurrency). To this end, digital tools are to support cryptocurrencies to be charged and circulates within the “Application System.” In this way, multi-functions can be continuously improved and shared within Cultiplan Ecosystem in the future.

Cultiplan’s Alliance support process

As shown in the figure above, according to the Alliance support process, the Alliances in each field will primarily examine whether they can expand their business together in accordance with the Standards of Business Execution. Then, the common goal is to be achieved according to the procedures of the Governance Board. However, in the state of insufficient resources, it is necessary to stipulate that all stakeholders can make responsible and transparent decisions, and complete the preparation process for full-scale implementation. After that, each team required for each Alliance will be finally matched, and Cultiplan's support work and Alliance business will be carried out in earnest. For reference, Cultiplan goes through the stages of stabilizing sales of Alliances’ services and the settlement of Alliances’ stores (antenna shops) and online malls, which are previously promoted to support the newly joining Alliance. In principle, Cultiplan will stop supporting when the Alliance can independently pursue the business. However, in the event of crises or changes during the commercialization process, the Cultiplan team may offer additional support after going through a verified Alliance support process.