“General supporter for Alliances to thrive in the ecosystem”

Cultiplan will provide a payment system (cryptocurrency payment system) in which the “smart contract” embedded into the blockchain is basically performed according to the service and technical characteristics of the Alliance. An additional payment system that covers the existing payment methods like cash or card will be provided as a supplement. In addition, to facilitate the cryptocurrency payment method, Cultiplan enables the cryptocurrency to be charged on the "platform" itself, exchanged for "Blockchain Points," and stored and used in the “Digital Point Card.” An additional price notification system is provided for customers to recognize the volatility of cryptocurrency. Upon the first service, “CTPL COIN exclusive wallet and application” will be launched, continuously used, and reused at Cultiplan-Alliance stores, theaters, online malls, etc.. Through such a process, customers can get used to “digital cards” by managing services, purchasing cryptocurrency, exchanging and remitting money.

Relationship structure and service linkage of Cultiplan and Alliance

With exclusive functions, the platform provides services for win-win. In addition to the tangible commodity value, cultural products have intangible values, depending on the characteristics of the product. Therefore, unlike general products, customers subjectively evaluate the value of cultural products. In such a manner, a special consumer layer called “mania” is formed. Cultiplan's “blockchain point distribution platform” takes into account this characteristics and develops into a win-win model through customers’participation in various ways involving product suppliers.