Value and function of CTPL COIN

“Value and function of Cultiplan cryptocurrency”

Cultiplan has taken a very cautious attitude toward issuing “cryptocurrency” from the initial stage, and will not hastily issue “Cultiplan cryptocurrency” (hereinafter referred to as CTPL COIN) unless its value and function are accurately determined through a full review process. As such, CTPL COIN is not issued solely for the purpose of enlarging customer number and payment channels, or making profits by rising prices. CTPL COIN aims to achieve the following two goals, and will follow the market economy principle for the rest.

First, CTPL COIN acts as a means of “payment guarantee” for “Digital Point.” Even though commodity by nature has value in the market, the value needs a tangible medium to embody in the complex distribution structure. Such a medium is less required for transactions in a small area or when value has already been recognized by large-scale customers. On the other hand, in cases where the value of transaction and commodity is not widely recognized across a large area, the medium is much more in need. Previous systems have built and utilized a “public credit system” as a financial form by using the so-called “escrow” method. However, the scope of application is limited. CTPL COIN issued by Cultiplan functions as an alternative to such a “public credit system” and as a medium of the “payment guarantee” in a more simplified form between customers and suppliers.

Second, CTPL COIN acts as a means of “contract” and “exchange” in Digital Point’s distribution. Digital Point is, in the end, a token that has been granted the commodity value; it’s actual exchange automatically accompanies the act of a “contract.” While the existing paper culture like vouchers or tickets approves such a “contract” through the disclosure of the contract details on the back, digital membership points and online coupons identify and approve an official “contract” in the form of an agreed “terms of services.” However, both are accompanied by physical problems with language and region; in reality, both are not a fundamental countermeasure against illegal copying and fraud, and to verify validity when problems occur. As an alternative system to this, Cultiplan secures stronger transparency and reliability against potential threats in distribution through the “smart contract” function of the blockchain implanted into CTPL COIN. Cultiplan contributes to the reduction of social overhead costs by solving problems such as regional exchange rates and languages. In particular, CTPL COIN will be organically connected and exchanged with “Digital Point Card,” the core service model of the Cultiplan Ecosystem. In this manner, CTPL COIN plays a significant role in popularizing Cultiplan Ecosystem worldwide.

As such, CTPL COIN is issued to achieve the above two purposes. Not issued solely for the purpose of making profits or raising funds, CTPL COIN is operated by pre-mining method rather than mining or certificate method, and applies very strict rules for control and restriction. This avoids the waste of worthless power resources in such mining method as the existing 1st-generation Bitcoin and 2nd-generation Ethereum. Rather, it expands the consumer base by providing various reward to users in the system, and attracts more Alliances to participate.