Mainnet Foundation

“Currency policy, Mainnet construction, Digital Point issuing & distribution”

Cultiplan Mainnet is, by nature, to construct an independent ecosystem that mainly issues and circulates “Blockchain Points” and “Digital Point Cards,” rather than cryptocurrencies (tokens) and wallets. Therefore, it is different from the existing mainnet, and for detailed information on Cultiplan Mainnet, please refer to the Whitepaper for Mainnet Foundation to be released separately in the future.

Mainnet Foundation's main role

Mainnet Foundation's IO software is designed to expand the Decentralized Applications (DAPP) both vertically and horizontally, and builds a Digital-Point-centered blockchain architecture. It provides accounting, authentication, database, asynchronous communication and application scheduling across multiple CPU cores or clusters. The resulting technology can ultimately scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, eliminate user fees, and efficiently deploy and maintain decentralized applications in the context of a controlled blockchain.

In particular, Mainnet Foundation provides an API to simplify Alliance’s Dapp and build a stable service environment. It sustains and drives “Application System” and “Cultiplan.”