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Since its establishment in 2013, Cultiplan has grown along with the cultural performance field for a long time as an agency operator for musical theaters and classical art halls. Since 2017, we have experimented on blockchain and cryptocurrency in a series of projects, and devise this business model together with experts in “Culture & Travel.” To succeed in this blockchain-based business, we believe that culture and financial essence should be organically combined and that users around the world should have an easy access. We values the personality of each team member, and is willing to grow together with everyone in the blockchain business.

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Team Culture

Cultiplan team is working on a team culture of mutual respect and support among team members, enterprises, groups, and individuals in Cultiplan Ecosystem.


Mutual consideration

Sense of service


Upright view of history

Unbiased love of humanity



One-Stop training


Cultiplan is always grateful to those who support us in various fields. Our team strives to grow a successful business together with our supporters.

Hanil Jang
Carlo Graziani
Youngsuk Park

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Cultiplan team recruits supporting experts in “Culture & Travel.” We offers win-win reward programs.