KRDI (Korea Resort Development Institute)

Professional Corporation for Theme Resort & Hotel & Resort City

Company Details :
  • Location : 7th floor, Nasil Building, 48, Nonhyeon-ro 105-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Website :

About KRDI & issac holdings

KRDI (Korea Resort Development Institute) and ISSAC Holdings are professional corporation for theme resort & hotels & resort city. KRDI and ISSAC Holdings have succeeded in about 300 global projects so far.

Located on the southern coast of Korea, 'Sun Island' is owned by KRDI. ISSAC Holdings and CTPL will build up ‘Sun Island’ as a NFT & Metaverse Theme Park.

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Project with CTPL to Build up a Core Cultural Ecosystem

KRDI and CTPL partner up, from planning to service, to jointly embed NFT & Metaverse into ‘Sun Island’.

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