Millennium Symphony Orchestra

Purely Private Symphony Orchestra

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  • Location : Room 202, 14, Yangpyeong-ro 12ga-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
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About Millennium Symphony Orchestra

Found as a purely private symphony orchestra in 2003, Millennium Symphony Orchestra (MSO) is globally recognized for its superb performance in various symphonies, operas, and planned shows, and recitals with world-class soloists.

In 2008, MSO invited maestro Hee Tae SUH as a music director and permanent conductor who took a role of the artistic director of soap drama .

Since then, MSO has played with the world-class soloists including Dong Suk KANG, Myung Hwa CHUNG and Fracisco Araiza and participated in various famous projects, such as 'Beethoven Virus in Live' and 'Yuna KIM's Ice Show'.

Ever since 2008, MSO has focused on , which was designed to publicize Korean Music on global stages and markets through orchestra, the global musical language.

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Project with CTPL to Build up a Core Cultural Ecosystem

Millennium Symphony Orchestra aimed to create new added value by distributing orchestra performances and contents worldwide as NFT, a new stored-value solution, through Cultiplan's NFT marketplace 'babidiba'.

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