R&D Works

Performance development and production, management company

Company Details :
  • Location : Hak-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Website : http://www.rndworks.com

About R&D Works

R&D Works, a sustainable culture and arts company, was established for the purpose of developing, producing, and managing performances.

Currently, we are developing and producing cultural contents of various genres such as musicals, plays, and family performances through collaboration with creators, and we are striving to create synergies in various fields through artist management.

In the future, we will systematically discover quality contents and talented artists that can breathe with the public so that we can establish itself as a sustainable culture and arts company.

R&D Works' main works


Project to create an innovative culture ecosystem with Cultiplan

It is famous that many people think of R&D Works if they ask for one of Korea's representative musical performance agencies. In particular, the musical Cats, the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, and the musical Sulloc Holmes series are outstanding works worldwide. In addition, the infrastructure that directly discovers and grows talented artists is excellent. I can confidently say that it is one of the strong alliances in growing the ecosystem of Cultiplan's cultural sphere. As such, it is a unique agency.