Makers Production

Pure creative musical production company

Company Details :
  • Location : Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
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About Makers Production

Makers Production takes the production of purely creative musicals as its basic operating method, and promotes the production of musicals that fit the Korean sentiment and cultural code by selecting works through global sourcing and recreating them by domestic directors.

The reality is that the production of creative musicals in Korea is stagnating and the introduction of indiscriminate licenses and simple imitations of foreign musicals are becoming mainstream. Makers Production selects good works and intends to lead a new trend in the domestic musical industry through global sourcing and re-creation work in all works for planning and production of works.

More than any other agency, Makers Production is taking the role of the next-generation leader in the domestic musical world.

Major Musical Works of Makers Production


Project to create an innovative culture ecosystem with Cultiplan

Makers Production is a representative musical agency in Korea that continuously presents excellent purely creative musicals and is drawing attention that much. We have been collaborating with Cultiplan for a long time and are a partner who wants a lot of interest and active participation in blockchain-based'digital point card'. Cultiplan's ecosystem will grow rapidly and steadily based on the infrastructure of such an excellent agency.