Company Story

Cultiplan launches global service for entertainment NFT platform 'babidiba'

babidiba, which officially launched the service on November 1, is an entertainment NFT platform that issues and trades digital pictures of celebrities, such as singers, idols, musical actors, and movie stars, as limited edition NFTs, caricatures, characters, etc.

2021 Q4
2021 Q4
Cultiplan (CTPL) officially listed on the US Bittrex global exchange

CTPL, a utility coin applied to babidiba, developed by Cultiplan, was listed on the Bittrex Global Exchange at 8 am on October 28th. Bittrex Global is the world's top 10 global cryptocurrency exchange located in Seattle, USA, and has a large number of users around the world based on a simple authentication process and stable server operation.

Cultiplan Singapore Corporation Was Established

Cultiplan established a corporation in Singapore in 2021 to grow into a blockchain-based global business, and the company is located at 5001 Beach Road #07-37 Golden Mile Complex.

2021 Q4
2021 Q2
Cultiplan (CTPL) officially listed on ProBit Exchange

Blockchain technology-based Cultiplan was listed on ProBit, the 4th largest global cryptocurrency exchange in Korea at 10 am on May 14th. Cultiplan is listed on the KRW market and supports KRW transaction.

Cultiplan enters blockchain-based business in earnest

We are in the process of starting the development of a blockchain-based Entertainment NFT platform that we have been preparing for since 2018, issuing CTPL COIN, and listing on exchanges.

2021 Q1
2019 Q4
Idol Audition Held In Thailand

Cultiplan Thailand held a series of idol auditions in Q4, 2019, at Central Plaza in the center of Khon Kaen, a big city in Thailand. These events successfully drew lots of local attention to Cultiplan Ecosystem.

Cultiplan Thailand Corporation Was Established

Cultiplan established a subsidiary in Thailand in 2019 to grow into a global business. Cultiplan Thailand engages in entertainment business and serves as Cultiplan’s base for Southeast Asian business. It set up an office in Chon Buri, a big city of Thailand.

2019 Q4
2013 Q4
Cultiplan Korea Corporation Was Established

Cultiplan was founded in 2013 with the purpose of creating new innovative businesses in the field of culture and art, and has established itself as a cultural technology company by conducting various cultural projects.