Company Story

Q3 2022
Cultiplan Platform to open

Cultiplan Platform with Digital Point Card service will open up to circulate Blockchain Point that interlocks business in diverse fields: Kwanglim Arts Center in performance area, Queens Juicery in health diet, and Korea-Wave-based business in Thailand, etc.

Cultiplan issued and listed CTPL COIN on KRW exchange

Cultiplan issued and listed CTPL COIN on KRW exchange, the No. 4 global cryptocurrency exchange, and started developing the blockchain-based platform with blockchain point services

Q2 2021
Q4 2019
Idol Audition held in Thailand

Cultiplan Thailand held a series of idol auditions in Q4, 2019, at Central Plaza in the center of Khon Kaen, a big city in Thailand. These events successfully drew lots of local attention to Cultiplan Ecosystem.

Cultiplan Thailand Corporation was established

Cultiplan established a subsidiary in Thailand in 2019 to grow into a global business. Cultiplan Thailand engages in entertainment business and serves as Cultiplan’s base for Southeast Asian business. It set up an office in Chon Buri, a big city of Thailand.

Q4 2019
Q3 2017
Queens Juicery business started

Queens Juicery started in 2017 as a global brand of specialty healthy diet. Its home-made products grows very popular in the market. Queens Juicery will be upgraded with Blockchain Point services to popularize Cultiplan platform.

Cultiplan started as an agency for Kwanglim Arts Center

Cultiplan was found in 2013, aiming to innovate business in the fields of culture and arts. Cultiplan started up as an agency for Kwanglim Arts Center, which owns both BBCH Hall (an exclusive musical theater with 1006 seats) and Jangcheon Hall (a multifunctional theater with 613 seats), and is currently expanding business scale through Queens Juicery and other brands under the name Cultiplan.

Q4 2013