Global Opera Singers Start Selling NFTs Through ‘babidiba’

Artist portraits NFT screens from 

The NFT investment gale is also causing a wind of change in the opera industry.

World-class opera singers have started selling NFTs through ‘babidiba’, and NFT market place developed in a convenient way for artists and users around the world.

Production Voce KyunHyung An, CEO of the opera company, recently published the NFTs and put a special video in them. Like an album jacket, NFT is issued as an art product, and various contents such as video, sound source, and tickets can be inserted.

An’s NFTs were issued many as a membership type, and all sales excluding some transaction platform fees, become An’s imcome. Ceo An, realizing the growth potential of NFT, plans to release an additional NFT series of opera masterpieces and sell them to opera enthusiasts around the world.

A babidiba official said “Other NFT services require artists to purchase coins and issue NFTs directly, which is not easy. The issuance costs are also quite high. On the other hand, babidiba has a technology that can be easily and systematically handled from NFT issuance to sales. So artists can make money from sales without incurring any expenses.”

babidiba opened on November 1st this year, and the participation of many musicians and artists is faster than expected, and a good number of NFTs have already been traded.

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