Cultiplan, Millennium Symphony Orchestra Signed MOU for NFT Contents Business

On December 1st, Cultiplan (Ricky LIM and Michael JEON as co-CEO) and Millennium Symphony Orchestra (Jae-Whan Lee as CEO) signed MOU to implant classic contents into the emerging NFT (Non-Fungible Token) industry ecosystem. NFT is expected to create strategic synergies in classic content industry.

Millennium Symphony Orchestra aimed to create new added value by distributing orchestra performances and contents worldwide as NFT, a new stored-value solution, through Cultiplan's NFT marketplace 'babidiba'.

CEO Jae-Whan Lee said, “Through the emerging blockchain-based NFT business, we hope to develop metaverse performances to achieve a new leap forward in classical performances. Signing this MOU is the first step.” “COVID-19 not just challenges the performance industry to various changes, but provides a perfect chance to break boundaries for live performances,” he said.

As a purely private symphony orchestra, Millennium Symphony Orchestra is globally recognized for its performance in various symphonies, operas, and planned performances. Millennium Symphony Orchestra became popular by performing for MBC TV drama 'Beethoven Virus', and later even performed directly at Yuna Kim's ice show.

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