Artists and the world of works met through NFT, and popularization of art investment around the world

babidiba NFT Marketplace 

babidiba is a global platform created by famous artists and IT experts aiming for global cultural renaissance. babidiba provides financial support for NFT issuance and system operation, whereas artists supply artworks and share profits. babidiba can issue customized NFTs to meet various needs: fixed price, auction, edition, and membership from one to hundreds of copies. The gains from selling NFTs worldwide are shared at the highest rate in the industry. babidiba is equipped with a payment and gainsharing system to guarantee artists monthly payroll. 

There were many twists and turns before babidiba opens up. Experts in art/music/performance and IT went through four years of considerable trial and error with frequent financial losses. Still, facing challenges, core members managed to survive a series of crises. Ultimately, babidiba platform was born perfect to live up to everyone’s expectation and dream.

Controversially, the NFT craze is now sweeping the world. Exaggerated news, rampant on the Internet, lures artists and investors into the illusion of huge profits in NFTs. Eventually, when failing the public in practice, NFT results in huge disappointment and misunderstanding. However, as history is repeating itself, the NFT market will eventually take hold in public.

babidiba Mobile Web & App(Android) 

babidiba NFT platform is developed based upon several principles. First, babidiba supports a free trading environment where anyone can invest, use, and resell NFTs to earn profits anytime and anywhere. Second, through strategic marketing, babidiba aims to maximize economic profits for emerging artists and hidden gems. Third, babidiba targets the global market.

babidiba, based upon these principles, covers all entertainment fields including K-pop, movie, dramas, musical performance, play, and the art. In particular, membership NFT affords artists diverse functions to fire up fandom. Membership NFT can add videos, sound sources, tickets, various coupons, and events for a certain period of time. In the future, as membership evolves, fans can use malls and special artist communities.

Not long after babidiba was launched, numerous talented artists have already been participating in babidiba ecosystem involving culture, art and economy. Despite the huge potentials of NFT or blockchain, artists still hesitate to move on due to the market uncertainty. What babidiba values the most is the trust with participating artists. babidiba is thus born with a great sense of responsibility and mission.

Payment method is crucial for babidiba to target global market. diba acts as the stablecoin to trade NFTs on babidiba, a stable platform with little volatility. diba can be easily exchanged for BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Etherium), and CTPL (Culiplan) Coin. Reliable digital assets will be constantly added to the payment methods on babidiba, because digital assets on mobile are now revolutionizing global financial industry. ‘MZ generation’ has already used digital assets in investment and financial activities in real life.

Regardless difficulties in design and development, babidiba succeeds in devising a UX-oriented interface (UX=user experience) based on sophisticated internal mechanism. babidiba will never stop evolving toward the future metaverse.