Why should artists actively use NFT?

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Artists put all their efforts into perfecting artworks. Even when not painting right away, not taking photos, or not creating three-dimensional shapes, artists still spend all day thinking about the philosophy for their artworks. Such a thinking process clones part of the artist's ego into the artwork. In such manners, a relatively high labor intensity is required as an artist compared to any other career. Therefore, it is crucial to think about how to add value and profit from artworks created by artists' hard work.

However, most artists complain that it is too difficult to directly market and sell artworks. Fortunately, there are intermediaries, such as galleries, that specializes in artwork marketing. Intermediaries promote and sell artworks to collectors and the general public through exhibitions and art fairs. Artists and intermediaries share the profits as promised; intermediaries may take ownership of the artwork depending on the circumstances.

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Thus, it is very important to find broker for artists who want to focus on artworks. Based upon established customer infrastructure and marketing ability, excellent brokers can make artists rise to fame and add value to artworks. However, the reality is that very few artists are supported by professional brokers. Most artists are struggling to pursue their art philosophies due to economic difficulties.

Nevertheless, the situation has recently changed dramatically ever since blockchain tech NFT (Non-Fungible Token) appeared in the world. NFT is a tool that allows artists to trade artworks without brokers. In other words, if artists utilize NFT properly, no brokers will be needed. With NFT, artists can efficiently market and sell artworks from their perspectives.

In practice, artists may be intimidated with such an esoteric entity as NFT that involves various cryptocurrency and blockchain jargon. NFT is in fact far simpler than what people think. NFT is a tech method to block piracy by attaching a piece of code onto digital artworks, ones that are either originally made with digital art or digitized through photographing or scanning tangible artworks. Thanks to NFT, payment can be directly conducted among collectors, fandom, and the public. On the other hand, NFT facilitates resale of the artworks and generate return on investment for collectors.

NFT grants artists full control over intellectual property rights; meanwhile, NFT acts as a 'certificate' or 'receipt' that authenticates the NFT artwork issued by the artist (mint). NFT records all issuance and transaction details directly in the NFT artwork, thereby freeing artworks from any controversy over forgery. It guarantees transparent distribution and tracking of royalties or sales. Through the emerging NFT, people will be able to support and profit largely from potential artworks.

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This is a short essay on 'Why should artists actively use NFT?'. Although NFT is still difficult for artists to fully understand, this essay aims to ease blind anxiety over NFT and encourage artists to have a try. Take an example from the near past. There was huge controversy over the Internet boom in the early 2000s, whereas today it is hard to imagine a world without the Internet that has radically changed the world. Ultimately, the NFT market will dramatically change this world just like the Internet. It will be a great opportunity for artists. babidiba, an emerging global NFT marketplace, will keep evolving into a future utopia for global artists and fans.

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