Hwang Sun-won Sonagi Village Signed MOU for NFT Contents Business with Cultiplan(CTPL)

Hwang Sun-won Sonagi Village

Sonagi Village(Mayor Kim Jong-hoe) signed MOU with Cultiplan(CEO Jeon Jaecheol, Lim Seong-jun), a cultural contents platform company, for joint business of NFT contents to build an international famous brand on January 26.

Sonagi Village is a literary theme park that embodies Hwang Sun-won’s representative novel ‘Sonagi’. It is a representative tourist attraction in Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea visited by the largest number of paid visitors among domestic literature museums. In the 2020 contest hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, ‘Interactive sonagi walk realistic contents production and utilization business’ was selected, and also selected for the ‘Smart Museum Construction Project’ in 2021. it provides a unique cultural experience by developing contents using cutting-edge technology.

Picture= Cultiplan CEO Lim Seong-jun(left) and Kim Jong-hoe, village chief of Sonagi Village

Cultiplan(CTPL) is a global NFT technology company based on cultural contents and operates ‘babidiba.com’, a real-life intellectual property NFT marketplace. It has been expanding its business as a popular communication contents trading platform in the metaverse era, where anyone can become a creator and a consumer.

Sonagi Village Mayor Kim Jong-hoe said, “Sonagi Village has been established as an international famous attraction where more visitors from all over the world can participate by conducting NFT global competitions such as contents of Hwang Sun-won, dicapoem, smart novel, story of my first love, writing contest, and drawing contest. We also hope that it will serve as an opportunity to develop into a global business that informs the world of philosophy and vlues of Hwang Sun-won.”

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