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  • Last Revised : March 20, 2021
This website and white paper are intended to introduce Cultiplan to potential participants and investors.

1) This white paper is not an explanation to induce participation, and is not a proposal to induce purchases related to securities within a specific jurisdiction or to induce the purchase of CTPL COIN. It is not regulated by laws or regulations.

2) We are not responsible for any losses incurred based on the use, reference or basis of this white paper.

3) This white paper may contain third-party data and citations from industry publications.

4) Although it is recognized that the information, data sources, and phrases cited/used in this white paper are reliable, independent verification of third-party information and data cited in this white paper has not been conducted, and the basics made based on the information In-depth confirmation of the hypothesis may not have been carried out.

5) This white paper cannot make any promises about the future or value, and it does not guarantee its intrinsic value, promise of continuous payment, or any specific value.

6) After fully understanding the business characteristics and inherent potential risks described in this white paper, and based on sufficient understanding, you must participate in this project at your own discretion. This means that you fully understand and agree that it may result in financial loss, and that you agree to bear the full potential of any loss.

7) This white paper may be translated into different languages, and if disagreement occurs due to different languages, the official English original is used as a standard.

8) This white paper is subject to change due to the occurrence of changes, and does not make any guarantees about uncertainty.

9) The company does not guarantee the operating period of the Cultiplan ecosystem, which may be caused by various causes such as lack of public interest, lack of operating funds, and other force majeure situations that may occur in business.

10) Cultiplan and Cultiplan-related companies, employees, etc. do not make any arbitrary conditions or proposals other than those officially announced by the company, and responsibility for this arises between the parties.

11) Those who acquire and familiarize themselves with this white paper in accordance with the above description agree to the above.